1. Gilmore Girls – This one is a classic for me. It takes me back to the days of high school and college. My mom, sister, and I used to catch the new episode every week. A few months ago, I decided to revisit this show just for a smile. Instead, I discovered exactly why I was hooked on this show when it was out. Lorelai, Rory, and the entire cast are full of humorous happenings and quick wit. Even the hubby finds enjoyment in the episodes when I have it on!
2. Friends – I’m not going to lie – I never watched Friends when it was all the rage on TV. When it came to Netflix, I decided that I would give it a try. It makes for a great time filler. I also enjoy putting it on while I workout. The humor is fun and easy to follow, even if you miss an episode or two.
3. Rules of Engagement – Two couples and a random extra guy are the cast of this show. One couple is married and much more experienced than the other couple. The hilarious antics that ensue from this cast are fun to watch and each episode only takes 30 minutes of your time!
4. How I Met Your Mother – This is another one that I didn’t catch onto until it came to Netflix. The great part about catching onto a show late is that you get to enjoy it from start to finish because the entire thing is already available!  I really enjoyed this show a lot. It’s told in flashbacks from the dad’s point of view. I love the antics that happen between friends in this show. It’s good for a laugh, which is always good for lifting one’s spirits.
5. New Girl – Jess is desperate to find a new apartment and ends up moving in with a group of guys. The fun that ensues from boys and girls living together is fun to watch. I haven’t watched the latest season available, but it’s definitely on my list of things to start once I finish with Gilmore Girls.
Speaking of my list, here are a few of the shows that are on my “to watch list”. Is there anything you think I should add to the list? What are your favorite Netflix shows?
Hart of Dixie
Life Unexpected
Parks & Recreation