One of my goals this week was to make baby steps towards a much healthier lifestyle. I wouldn’t say I’ve led an unhealthy lifestyle up to this point (after all, I’m constantly moving), but there’s always room for improvement. As I’ve set out to make adjustments to my lifestyle, I’ve also compiled a few simple tips for making your life healthier. I’m bringing you those tips today. Pick one and implement it next week! (Don’t forget about my clean eating challenge if you’re looking to improve your eating habits!)

1. Enlist your friends and family.
I am constantly talking to my friends and family about my goals. My sister and a couple of my friends are active participants in my healthy accountability group. We help motivate each other through silly sweaty selfies, questions, and share threads. This group has helped keep me on track. My husband has also helped some. We try to walk to as many places as possible, including the store down the street.
2. Eliminate unhealthy options.
This has been my biggest lifesaver. Basically, if it’s not there you can’t eat it. Clear your kitchen of all temptations. It’s going to be a lot less tempting to eat something when you have to go through the extra effort of driving to the store. (Added tip: If I’m desperately craving something, I’ll make myself walk to the store to get it. On the way, I either decide I don’t need it or I at least accomplish a two mile walk out which balances out the craving a little.)
3. Keep water with you at all times.
Just like getting rid of the junk means you won’t eat it, keeping the good around means you will. Try to keep a water bottle filled and with you at all times to encourage you to get your daily intake of water. Water keeps you from getting dehydrated and helps keep you feeling full longer.
4. Get up and move.
I aim to succeed 30 minutes of active movement everyday. This is typically a combination of Beachbody workout (I’m currently into Turbo Jam) and walking each day. I’m looking to add yoga next week as an evening activity too. Nobody ever got healthier by sitting on their couch doing nothing. Make sure that you’re getting up and moving around – especially if your job calls for a lot of sitting. I suggest finding a program that you really love and following through with it. It took me several tries before I discovered Turbo Jam, which seems to be the perfect match for me since it combines kickboxing and dance.
5. Join a challenge.
Challenges help us in many ways and there are a lot of them out there right now. There are instagram challenges, Beachbody challenges, and a variety of other ones. If you need one to get you started, my five day challenge might just be the one. It’s short and simple but will give you a sneak peek at what challenges and coaching can do for you! (Of course I had to share my group again since my goal is to help as many people as possible!) Watch your social media thread to find one that might appeal to you. Not finding one? You could always create your own!
There you have it – my five simple steps to changing your lifestyle. Commitment and determination are the two biggest keys to making a permanent lifestyle change. Do this and I promise you’ll see results!
Don’t forget that I’m always open to talking with you if you need tips or suggestions for meals or workouts. Feel free to contact me at any time!