It only seemed fitting to share some of my favorite pajamas on the day of the Blogger PJ Party. It’s also the first day of summer, which means pajamas need to be comfortable and able to withstand the heat that comes with this particular season. Check out a few of my favorite pajamas and link up your twitter account if you attended the PJ party!
Summertime means two things for pajamas for me. They need to be comfortable enough to enjoy for the entire day (no work means the occasional pajama day) and they need to be cool enough to enjoy the summer heat.
1. Short Set
You have the very common short and top set. These are great because they keep you cool, while also covering all of the necessary parts. They come in a variety of prints, colors, and styles. I’ll be wearing my very own short set tonight for the party. You’ll have to tune into the party to see mine though.  Here’s a few cute ones from Amazon if you’re looking to do some couch shopping.
2. Nightie
There’s also the basic nightie, which is like a dress you wear to bed. These can be very comfortable to sleep and lounge in since they allow for cool air to hit your body.

3. Night Shirts
Another option for summer pajamas is a night shirt. This can be an oversized tshirt that you love or it can be a nightgown made in the shape of a shirt. These are very summer-friendly for the same reasons stated with nighties.
What’s your favorite thing to wear to bed in the summer?
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