I sat down on Saturday and planned out which posts I wanted to write this week. It’s all part of my venture into full time blogging (which reminds me I owe you a post about quitting my job!). The post you’re about to read wasn’t on the schedule. Instead, it came about because real life reminded me how important friends are to our happiness and I wanted to make sure you take a moment to reflect on your friendships, even if it’s just the couple of moments that it takes you to read this post.
I’ve always known that having good friends is very helpful to being happy. A good friend can help you through a tough time by giving you a shoulder to cry on or by making you laugh in a special way. A good friend is there for you during the good times and the bad times. Good friends are important to happiness.
I think most of us know the power of friends in our life, but what about the power of digital friends? What impact do those we meet online have on our lives?
After socializing in the digital world for many years and a trip across the country, I can tell you that digital friends can have a huge impact on our lives. They can lift our spirits and comfort us in the bad times as well as celebrate us in the good times.
In our current world of social media and cell phones, it is very easy to develop a friendship with someone you’ve never met or to keep in touch with friends from afar. A quick text or snapchat is an easy way to keep in touch. It’s almost too easy to keep in touch this way.
This weekend, I was reminded of how valuable my digital friends are when they helped me through a negative experience. Their listening ears and friendly support reminded me how much I value my digital friends. As a result, I’ve decided to show my appreciation in a new way – with snail mail! Snail mail is much more personal and adds an additional level of cheering someone up. Who doesn’t like a non-holiday card?
I want to take a moment to challenge you to reflect on the digital friends in your life who help make you happy. What is something small you can do to show them how much you appreciate their support?