I love exfoliating my legs with a sugar scrub before I shave them – especially in the summer when I want them extra smooth. I’ll be sharing my secret to a smooth shave in a later post, but for now I’m sharing a quick DIY method for making a sugar scrub. I discovered this method one night when I wanted to exfoliate my legs but didn’t have any kind of scrub around. I started thinking and decided to combine sugar with bath gel to see if I could create my own scrub. I was successful and I’ve shared the very simple steps below.  (Affiliate links are used in this post. They don’t cost you anything, but they do help me keep the blog running.)

You’re going to need the following ingredients to create this at home scrub. Gather your sugar, bath gel, container, and something to stir the scrub with. I recommend using a wooden craft stick but plastic utensils will also work if you don’t have any craft sticks around. (I know this from experience as well. The blunt end of a plastic knife stirs great.)

Add sugar to your container. I filled my container about halfway for this scrub but you can adjust this part to your liking. The more sugar in your scrub, the coarser the scrub will come out. This will be a personal preference.

Add bath gel of your choice to the mixture. I used the gel I had in my shower, which happens to be this one from Herbal Essences. I have used it with several different gels in the past though. I always make my mixture with more sugar than body gel.

Stir the mixture well with your stirring utensil. At this point, you can add more sugar or bath gel as needed to get the mixture to your liking.

Take your scrub to the bath and enjoy. I recommend using a bath poof to evenly scrub and exfoliate your body. Doing this before you shave will loosen any dead skin (I’ll share more about that when I cover my shaving secrets in a few days though. For now, just enjoy this easy scrub!)

This scrub also makes a great gift or pick-me-up for friends and family. Add a ribbon and attach the spreader and you’ve got a cute, simple gift. (See first picture!)

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