You only get one body. Why not treat it well?

This is the motto I’ve been following lately as I try to get better with my healthy habits. This week, my focus has been threefold: exercise 5 out of 7 days, drink my daily intake of water, and drink my shakeology daily.

Next week’s focus is on the food. (This week hasn’t been terrible with the food – small changes, but next week I’m going to be more strict with myself.) A week involving zucchini lasagna can’t be entirely unhealthy, can it? Click on the image below to get the recipe for our zucchini lasagna complete with easy to follow pictures!

I’m inviting you and your friends to join me next week. I’m hosting a FREE five day clean eating challenge. You’ll be given a meal plan (with lots of variety) and exercises to follow. It’s only five days and a great way to see if you can follow a clean meal plan, which is excellent for your body.

Did I mention there will be prizes? I didn’t? Well, there will be prizes for participating and completing tasks throughout the week. I would love to have you (and your friends) join me in this challenge! It runs from 6/29 through 7/3. Join the event page today to get added to the secret group which will give you access to the meal plan and fitness plan!

Come on…it’s just five days. Click the picture below to join us for a five day clean eating challenge. You’ll get to celebrate your success on the 4th of July with fireworks!