Let me preface this post with a couple of things. Yes, I am a coach with Beachbody (that’s a story for another post) and no I’m not trying to sell you anything. I have two purposes in writing this post. One is to hold myself accountable as I begin a new round of 21 Day Fix and the other is to provide a little bit of “how to prepare” if you’ve ordered the program and you’re waiting for it to arrive. That is all I’m trying to do with this post. (Of course, if you are interested in getting me as your coach, please email me or let me know in the comments so that we can chat. I would love to help you out!)
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As I mentioned above, I’ve decided to start a new round of 21 Day Fix. I’ve attempted the program several times in the past but was never able to complete it due to a variety of roadblocks. Every time I have attempted the program, I have experienced small victories (in weight loss and non scale victories). I really do believe that I can see bigger victories by completing the program. I think the number on the scale after being less careful with my nutrition this summer was the wake up call I needed to give this program another try.
One of the things I’ve lacked in the past few times was holding myself accountable. My coach was checking in with me, which was great, but I wasn’t holding myself accountable. Let me tell you – I can be a pro at coming up with excuses. I can convince myself that my decisions are okay even when I know they aren’t best for me. I’m doing things differently this time though and I’m not allowing myself any excuses.
The first thing I’m doing is holding myself accountable with my Fit Tracker. Knowing that I have to write it down on my paper makes me think twice. I always love the fact that I’m reflecting at the end of the day. This means I can better identify my excuses and obstacles. In fact, I’m working out a solution to the excuses problem after reading yesterday’s reflection. (For the record, I have done really well with my tracker the past two days and accounted for any treats using the guidelines in the eating plan.)
When I first ordered the program, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure what I would need or how to prepare. There were several days between ordering the program and getting to look at everything. There were a few things I wish I would’ve known/done in that time frame. (This is slightly different now – with Beachbody On Demand, you can actually access the online version of the program from your computer before you ever get it in the mail.) Today, I’m going to share a quick guide to getting started with the program.
While you wait for your program to arrive…
Buy two sets of weight. You’ll need a light set and a heavy set. I didn’t realize this until I got my program and was ready to jump in. I started the first workout and there on the screen it told me that I would need a set of hand weights. Luckily, I had an old set of 3lbs weights that I used. Then, the second workout told me that I would need two sets of weights – light and heavy for the workout. This was when I bought another set (5lbs). If you don’t already have hand weights, buy a pair while you’re waiting for your package to arrive in the mail!
I also recommend buying at least one cute workout tank. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I look cute. I bought the shirt in the picture because I started my first round of 21 Day Fix when my husband’s deployment started. It was a reminder to me that I was strong in many different ways. I haven’t worn the shirt in a while, but I know it’ll be making another appearance soon.
If you’re going to be working out on hard floor, I also recommend a exercise mat of some sort. I workout in the living room where the carpet is soft but I would definitely take my yoga mat with me if I was going to do the workout anywhere else since you do get down on the floor for a few of the exercises.
When your program arrives…
You’ll get everything else you need in your box. If something is missing, please let your coach know immediately! My sister was missing the Shakeology cup in her kit and I was able to help her get a replacement for free through the awesome online chat from Beachbody. Definitely check your box to make sure that you got everything you need! Everyone wants you to be successful and for that, you need the right tools.
Read through everything you get! Read through it twice even. Take a day or two to get prepared so that you are ready for success. Talk to your coach and get any questions answered quickly. Make a grocery list and go to the store. Get rid of any temptations! (This is SUPER important!) Then, take your measurements and before pictures so that you can track your progress.
The best advice I can give you before you start is to be organized. Know where you’re going to store your containers and how you’re going to use them. Some people use them and eat out of them, while others treat them as measuring cups (I fall in the measuring cup group). Also have a system for your shakeology. I don’t like the bag, so I found an air tight jar to store mine in. It looks pretty on the counter and makes it easy for me to use. I usually keep the blender beside it because I enjoy blending my Shakeology with ice or frozen fruit.
The more organized and educated you are, the easier the program will be. This includes scheduling your workouts and planning your meals in advance. I’ve found I make the poorest decisions when I don’t have a plan. Make sure you have a plan!
Technically, having a plan can apply to so many other parts of life. Do you currently plan out your week or do you leave it all to happenstance?
And check back in next Wednesday for an update on 21 Day Fix and how I’m doing. I’ll be sharing my starting weight (gasp!) and my loss for week 1!