I’ve recently decided to commit myself even further into health and fitness. While I’ve been mostly committed, I haven’t been quite as consistent as I could be. More about that tomorrow, though. Today, I’m brining you big news and an opportunity to get yourself a FREE fitness tracker. I started using it today and I’m already in love with the accountability it has provided. More on that in just a second…
I love to do lists and setting goals. I love planning things out and holding myself accountable for things. I’ve been hanging out on the health and fitness bandwagon for a while now but I haven’t truly been holding myself accountable. Yes, I weight myself occasionally. Yes, I share my workouts and sweaty selfies with my accountability group (and occasionally the rest of the world). While these have been great motivators, they haven’t made me feel truly accountable.
Each week, I sit down and plan out my meals for the week. I use a different format now, but you can get more about how I meal plan in this post (and a free download). I’ve got the planning down to an art when it comes to planning out my meals and my workouts. It’s great that I plan but lately I’ve been noticing I don’t always stick to the plan. I know it, but I have no proof of it. I have no way to truly reflect and see how I’m doing with my plans and goals.
That’s where my new Fitness Tracker comes in. I created this nifty tracker to hold myself accountable. It has spots for recording lots of different fitness related things – including weight, goals, food, exercise, water, and an overall reflection. I printed them out and started using it today – it’s definitely keeping me in check. (Plus, there’s something exciting about recording good choices.)
The tracker has a few more spots filled in since I took that picture, but I wanted you to see that I’m actually putting it into use. It’s a very simple, easy to use format that has me excited about my goals and making a difference in my life.
I thought about finally starting an Etsy store and making this the first printable I offer. (That’s a goal I have for myself.) It just didn’t feel right though. This tracker has been such a great thing for me (I know – it’s only day 1 but at least that’s one day I’ve held myself accountable which beats the past). I just can’t see charging for a tool that could help so many reach their goals.
Therefore, I’m offering it for FREE!  Well, almost for free. You have to do one small thing in order to get it. It’s a simple click and form that you can access here. In addition to getting the Fit Tracker (which will come to your inbox on Friday – I have one paper saving update left to make to it), you’ll also be subscribed for my weekly Healthy Moments newsletter which will deliver tips, recipes, and even more free printables to your inbox each week (including a weekly version of the Fit Tracker that is in rough draft). So, in essence, you’ll be getting even more stuff for FREE just by signing up to receive Healthy Moments each week. (This newsletter is different than my blog newsletter and I highly recommend getting on the list.)
The Fit Tracker will be coming to inboxes on Friday! Will you be one of the lucky people to receive it? (If you’re reading this and sign up after the initial newsletter has come out, please contact me via email and I’ll get the Fit Tracker to you.)
Extra accountability tip: Write your to do list on the back of the Fit Tracker! This will keep all of your accountability in one place!