Remember when I said I recently wrote a guest post for my blogging bestie’s site? Well, now I’m bringing you a guest post from her! Let me introduce Hannah from The Stressed Out College Student’s Destination. Today, she’s bringing you great ideas for taking time for yourself – something that I know I struggle with a lot!

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In the craziness of our schedules—whether it be meeting assignments for deadlines, waking up late and missing a workout, getting stuck in traffic, or whatever else it may be—we often forget about ourselves. After a long work day, our first thought is to put on dinner, do the laundry, prepare for tomorrow, etc. But how about we sit down, enjoy a nice drink and watch an episode of our favorite show on Netflix? The thought may make you feel guilty—that’s how it makes me feel. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that it is VERY IMPORTANT to make some time for you!
I’m Hannah Joy, owner/blogger at The Stressed Out College Student’s Destination. Pam and I have been ‘blogging besties’ for a while now and decided it was time we guest blogged for each other! Last week she talked about healthy snack ideas on my blog and today I’m going to share a few ideas for having ‘you time’. I have found this makes a significant difference in my life, so I thought it would be a good mix with Pam’s theme.
It’s really hard for me to take me time when I have multiple assignments due. As an honors student, I have a high standard to meet and this gets stressful at times. I’ve learned to give myself a break. Yes, I have a paper due on Friday, but it doesn’t have to be proofread the moment I get in the door. It doesn’t. It took me a long time to convince myself of that, but once I did, I knew it had been the truth all along, and I have incorporated as much me time into my schedule as possible for the past several months. Here are some ideas for having ‘you time’. These ideas may not work for you, but hopefully they get your own creative juices flowing and you’re able to come up with some ideas for yourself. The whole point of having ‘you time’ is to unwind and relax for a little while each day. The importance of this is often underestimated, but it couldn’t be more important.
If you’re girly like me, you love manicures and pedicures, bubble baths, and relaxing things of that nature. You may not have time for a spa day, but you can set aside twenty minutes to give yourself a manicure or pedicure. In fact, you can give yourself a pedicure, wear flip-flops, and go out the door. That only takes about ten minutes. It may seem silly to take time just to give yourself a manicure/pedicure, but you’re taking time for yourself to do something enjoyable. I still find it surprising how good this makes me feel!
Or if you have an hour of time, you can take a bubble bath. I personally don’t take a lot of bubble baths, so I don’t keep bath supplies on hand, but I try to do this on vacation.
Or maybe your taste is in cooking. Cooking is one of my favorite pastimes, but it’s more work than it is enjoyment for me. It’s not one of my strengths. It may be one of yours, though! Whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies may be the perfect recipe for relaxation for you.
Perhaps a run is your remedy. Maybe it’s watching an episode of Netflix and having some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe it’s curling up and reading a good book. I recommend some Amy Clipston if you’re into Amish fiction or maybe the Her Campus Guide to College Life if you’re a fellow college student.
However you choose to relax, just make sure you do. You’ll be amazed at how much a little you time can make everything just a little better.
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What is your favorite way to take time for yourself?