I have been enjoying series lately on the blog. Since the Blogger Book Drive series has ended, I decided to start a new Monday series for September. This month, I’m going to be sharing some of my blog tips every Monday in my “Better Your Own Blog” series. (Put together the initials for that series and I think you’ll get a good laugh.)

This week on Better Your Own Blog (BYOB), I’m sharing where and when I get ideas for blogging. Next week, I’ll be sharing how I organize these ideas in order to put them to good use!

1. People watching
2. Reading other blogs and magazines
3. Shower (I do my best thinking in the shower)
4. Facebook & social media
5. Pinterest
6. Friends
7. My own past
8. Real life
9. Texting
10. Listening to others

I basically pay attention to what’s going on around me and determine if there’s anyway I can use it for my blog. It might be a matter of what I’m doing or it could be something that I see popping up on social media frequently. Life is full of inspiring moments if you take the time to slow down and pay attention to them.

How do you find ideas for your blogging or writing?