Saturday was my birthday! Saturdays are also my unplugged days so I decided to share my birthday celebrations on Monday instead. I spent the day with friends and family, which made it quite awesome.
As you know, I’m a huge fan of goals and bucket lists. Since I turned 29 this year, I thought it was the perfect time to create a birthday bucket list. So, today, I’m sharing my very own “30 Before 30.”
Random side note: I did a lot of googling and Pinterest searching to come up with ideas beyond the ones I already had in mind. I was delighted to discover that I’ve done a lot in my 29 years – a lot of the items on other lists were ones I’ve already done. It’s always nice to know that you haven’t wasted your years. 🙂
Here’s my 30 before 30 list.
1. Make my second big move of my life.
2. See two new states.
3. Create a gallery wall that represents our relationship.
4. Open an Etsy shop.
5. Monetize the blog.
6. Inspire five other people.
7. Send a handwritten note to friends or family every week.
8. Create a home binder that includes birthdays, special events, and addresses of friends and family.
9. Hike three new trails.
10. Write a complete novel by myself.
11. Try a new workout.
12. Buy a new entertainment center.
13. Make a marriage bucket list.
14. Start a date night series on The Coastie Couple.
15. Learn something new.
16. Get highlights.
17. Take the husband to a spa.
18. Run a mile without having to stop.
19. Surprise the husband.
20. Try three new restaurants.
21. Start a daily routine for morning and night.
22. Set monthly goals and share them on the blog every month.
23. Return to the classroom.
24. Plan a writer’s retreat for the husband and me. (Even if it’s a staycation.)
25. Make 3 new friends.
26. Sew something for myself.
27. Keep a plant alive by myself.
28. Create a printable fitness journal for Healthy Moments.
29. Give the blog a major facelift.
30. This is a personal one that doesn’t need to be shared on the blog – just yet anyways!
Have you created a birthday bucket list? I’d love to hear what’s on yours or what would be on yours if you created one!