I love trying new things when the husband is deployed. This time, I decided that I would make fitness a priority in my life. I’m excited to bring you my fitness update!
Fitness is going great. I find myself working out almost everyday – even on my designated “rest” days. In fact, Sunday was one of the first days that I took as an entire rest day and it felt really good (and I got a lot accomplished for the blog!). Normally, my rest days are spent with a nice walk or a yoga session. I’m excited that exercise has become a daily habit for me.

What kind of exercise am I doing?

I’ve been taking yoga and barre classes at a studio near my house. I’m really enjoying the classes – especially Tuesday and Thursday evenings when I do a short barre class (45 minutes) followed by a short yoga class that’s infused with TRX.

In addition to the yoga and barre classes, I have also been aiming for 10,000 steps a day. Some days I fall short while other days I exceed the goal. It’s nice having a goal to aim for because even if I’m under the goal, I’m still getting more steps than I would get without the goal.

Every now and then, I throw in a random exercise of choice as well. I’ve done a few interval sessions on the treadmill. I’ve also pulled my Beachbody CDs out on occasion for an at home workout.

I’ve been saving favorite at home workouts that I come across in order to use when I go home. I won’t be going to a studio for a month and I don’t want to lose my momentum. Instead, I’ll be utilizing workout buddies and Healthy Moments more than ever.

Fitness doesn’t stop with exercise though. Being fit also includes eating well. This is one of my biggest struggles. I’ve been making small changes and approaching food in a different way lately with less guilt. I continue to use the old advice of removing temptation. I try to keep only healthy food in the house and this promotes healthier eating. It’s still an area of struggle (I love pizza and pasta a lot) but I’m improving. Luckily, I’ve always been great with portion control which is very helpful.

What about you? How are your goals (health or otherwise) going lately?

Linking up this week…