It’s Friday, which means another Plate for One post! This week, we’re going to be making 12 breakfast meals that you can freeze to eat anytime you want! These bowls are one of my favorite things for breakfast and they’re healthy as well!
I’ve been making these breakfast bowls for quite a while now. They’re easy to make (under an hour to make 12 bowls) and they can be frozen for later. They also keep me from wasting eggs when I buy an entire carton. I’ve been working hard to keep from wasting food lately!
What you’ll need:
12 eggs
8-12 pieces of turkey bacon (I used 8)
3 red potatoes
1. The first step is to cook everything separately.
2. I scramble all of the eggs using the oven method. I replaced the milk with almond milk and used olive oil for the pan instead of butter.
3. I follow the oven directions on the turkey bacon. My original plan was to use 12 strips but only 8 would fit on my pan.
4. Follow my Breakfast Potatoes recipe for the potatoes.
5. I put everything into the oven and time each item individually.
6. The eggs came out first. I let them cool a little before adding them to the bowls. Fluff the eggs well with a fork right after taking them out.
7. Next, the bacon came out of the oven. Let it cool and tear it into small pieces while you wait for the potatoes to be done.
8. Set out the twelve containers that you’re going to use for freezer storage. Alternately, you could use Ziploc bags for each “bowl.” I got my containers from Dollar Tree. They were 2 for a dollar and can be used over and over again.
9. Divide everything up into the bowls in this order: eggs, potatoes, and bacon.
10. Put the lids on the bowls and store them in the freezer. I put a couple in the fridge because I was going to be eating them within the next couple of days. This is a great way to have breakfast ready to go each morning. 12 individual breakfasts ready to go in about an hour!