I wasn’t going to write a post today. My brain was feeling uncreative and I didn’t feel like opening the computer. I told myself to open the computer and see what came to me. (None of the items on my editorial calendar were feeling right today.) The list below is what came from me staring at the computer screen. Hopefully some of these ideas help you the next time you’re in my predicament!
Today, I’m bringing you ten topics that you can write about this month. I encourage you to pin this post and return to it when you’re feeling stuck.
1. Fall
This is such a big topic that you can cover. You can talk about how fall (or the lack of fall) looks in your hometown. You can talk about fall decorating or style. Basically, think of a general topic and put fall in front of it for a more specific blog post. (Fall Food, Fall Clothing, Fall Decorating, Fall Activities, etc)
2. Halloween
The end of this month brings a fun holiday with lots of potential for blog posts. You could talk about Halloween safety, picking candy out, or even your favorite costumes. I have a few Halloween themed posts planned that I know you’ll love!
3. Goals
Fall is the perfect time for change. This also makes it the perfect time to set new goals. After all, who says you have to wait for New Years Day to make a change? I posted my goals a few days ago. Did you see them?
4. Recipes
Fall and winter bring lots of opportunities to bake and cook. The weather is cooling down which means using the oven is a more viable option. Since there’s less to do outside, it’s the perfect time to try out a new recipe.
5. Crafts
Christmas is coming soon! People are searching Pinterest and the web for homemade gift ideas. Have a favorite craft? Now is the time to share it! Don’t have a favorite craft? Why not try out a favorite pin and share how it went for you?
6. Blogging
You can never go wrong with writing about blogging. I love reading tips from others and seeing what will work for my blog. Think about your strengths and how you could share them with other bloggers.
7. Top Ten List
October is the tenth month of the year so it’s the perfect time for top ten lists. Why do you think I chose the number 10?
8. Raise Awareness
October is breast cancer awareness month. It’s the perfect time to help spread the word about what others can do to help. It’s also Fire Safety month. You could share your family’s plan and encourage others to create one of their own. (Don’t have a plan – maybe it’s time to create one!)
9. Local Events
October is filled with carnivals, fairs, and festivals in all shapes and sizes. The weather is cooling down and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Check your local newspaper and find a local event to go to. Take lots of pictures and share the event on your blog. I love seeing how others have fun in their hometown!
10. Life
Life is always an option. Have you updated your readers lately on what’s going on in your life? Sharing about your life gives readers a chance to get to know the blogger behind the blog.  Speaking of, I should probably schedule a life update of my own sometime soon…
Still feeling stuck? Take a walk and focus on your surroundings. I’m sure there’s some topic lurking that you could write about.