You just got invited to a Halloween party last minute. You don’t have a costume planned. What do you do?
Don’t worry! I have ten costume ideas that you can pull together last minute. Most of the items you need to create these outfits can be found around the house without having to do any extra shopping. Here’s your solution to your costume problem.
1. Black Cat – Cat and animal ears are easy to find this time of year. Pick up a set at your local store selling costume pieces. Put on an all black outfit, add whiskers to your face with eye liner, and head out the door to your party!
2. Skeleton – Grab a long black shirt and black pants from your closet. Google “printable skeleton bones.” It might take a little browsing but eventually you’ll find a set you like. (Or if you trust your drawing skills, then make your own out of white paper!) Tape the bones onto your outfit and go as a skeleton for the night!
3. Social Butterfly – Butterfly wings are another thing that’s easy to find in stores right now. Grab a pair and a blank headband. Attach pipe cleaners to the headband to create antennae. Print out the icons for social media sites (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc). Attach these to the front of your outfit and head out for the night.
4. Rosie the Riveter – Grab a blue button down, roll up the sleeves, and finish your look off with a red headband. When people ask who you are, make sure you flex your muscles!
5. Lost Socks or Looking for a Mate – Put on a simple dress. Pull out all of your socks and safety pin one from each pair onto your dress. Now you’re a collection of lost socks looking for their mate!
6. Grapes – Locate purple or green balloons. Blow them up and attach them to the upper part of your body. Make sure their close together since you’re going to be a bunch of grapes for the night.
7. Your Childhood Self – Throw on your favorite kid friendly pajamas, put your hair up in pigtails, and pull out your favorite stuffed animal from childhood. This costume guarantees to be simple and comfy for the night! 
8. Vampire – This one’s a bit of a cop-out but it’s super easy to pull together last minute. Pick up a pair of vampire fangs and throw on your favorite outfit. Vampires come in all shapes and sizes now, so this one’s easy to pull off.
9. Cat Lady – If you have cat stuffed animals laying around, this one will turn out super cute! Attach them to your outfit or carry them all in a basket for the night. Dress yourself up in a drab dress with hose and flats to represent a cat lady. Don’t have cat stuffed animals? Print out a bunch of cat pictures and pin them onto your outfit!
10. E-mail – Attach a giant “E” to your chest. Then, attach envelopes to the rest of your outfit. Now you’re “e-mail.”
Do you have a costume planned for this year? I’d love to hear what you’ve decided to be for Halloween!