Raise your hand if you’re guilty of a Netflix binge marathon. I should definitely see more hands than mine up in the air. It’s my most recent binge with my mom and my Fitbit Chargethat has inspired this easy workout that you can do while you watch Netflix.

*This post contains affiliate links to help you find products. I make a little off of these links, which helps me keep the blog going.*

I decided that one of my goals for the week would be to reach my 10,000 daily step goal on my FitBit everyday. Rain and nightly marathons of One Tree Hillhave created obstacles on some days. I decided to put a theory to the test and see if I could meet my step goal while watching Netflix.

Before you begin this workout, you’ll need a few things to make it easier. The first thing I recommend is a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or DVDs of your favorite show. You’ll also need a pedometer. You can go with a simple pedometeror invest in something a little fancier. I personally recommend a FitBit, which is what I have. As long as you can track your steps, you’ll be good.

You don’t need a fancy gym for this workout. Any room with a TV will work. You can easily adapt the workout to the space that you have available whether large or small. You can see that my space is simply the family room at my parent’s house. My computer is out so that I can blog when I’m not doing the workout I’ve shared below.

The steps for this workout are very simple. While I am planning a follow up post with a more elaborate workout, this workout is designed for anyone to do.

1. Set a goal for yourself. (I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day.)

2. Put on your show to watch.

3. Start walking or jogging. You can walk in place or you can walk back and forth across the room. (You’ll be amazed when you start to sweat and check the calorie count on your tracker.)

4. Set smaller goals as you go to give yourself a break. (I walk in 500 or 1000 step intervals. Then, I take a break to better enjoy the show. It takes me 5-10 minutes to meet my smaller goals.)

5. Continue repeating step 4 until you’ve reached the bigger goal you set in step 1.

6. Return in a couple weeks for part 2 of this post which will have a way to take your Netflix workout to the next level!

That’s it – nice and simple. This is your challenge to get some movement in during your next Netflix binge or even while watching your favorite movie. Don’t forget to have tennis shoes and a water bottle handy!