It’s Day 4 of Holiday Moments which means it’s time to decorate your house! If you’ve already decorated your house (like we have!), then today would be the perfect day to update one of your decorations or to take pictures to share with others! If you share your decorations on social media, tag them with #hodgepodgemoments! I love checking out decorations!

Some of the images in this post are watermarked The Coastie Couple. This is the blog I share with my husband and I used a few of our decorating images in our Small Space Living: Christmas Trees. Feel free to check it out for even more decorating ideas!

When I first moved out from my parent’s home, I was super excited to decorate for Christmas. It is one of my favorite holidays after all. Then, I discovered how expensive decorations could be and I was a little less thrilled. Over the years, I have found many ways to decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank. I even update my decorations every year so that I have new things to enjoy.

Here’s a few of my tips and ideas for getting holiday decorations for less.

1. Shop the clearance sales at the end of the year. This is especially great if you have a lot of room to store things. Stores usually want to get rid of holiday decorations pretty quick, so they discount them big time at the end of the year.

2. Peruse your local dollar store for great finds. They are great place to get holiday dishes, vases, and even cheap ornaments for decorating! If you’re lucky, you might even find a miniature tree to spruce up a small space.

3. Check out the dollar spot (which is now Bullseye’s Playground) at Target. They often have cute decorating items for $1 or $3. The tree pictured below was just $3 this year! They are constantly rotating and updating the area, so it’s important to check often for new items. It’s the perfect reason to go to Target. (Like we need a reason!)

4. Get crafty. It’s the perfect time of year to browse Pinterest for decorating ideas! There are so many things you can make yourself – paper chains, snowflakes, trees, etc. Look at what craft supplies you already have and then start making your decorations! Even if you’re not crafty, you can still use Pinterest for other visual ideas!

5. Buy a big batch of garland and use it to decorate around the house. You could even get crafty and use the garland in a variety of places. Fill vases with strands. Use it to add a little greenery all over your home – banisters, windows, ledges, etc. You could even be like us and create a Wall Christmas Tree!

6. Use ornaments to decorate. You can find basic round ornaments for inexpensive prices at almost any store this time of year. Did you know that they aren’t just for trees? You can use them around a candle to create a stunning centerpiece on your table. Fill an empty bowl or vase with these colorful ornaments to add a little color anywhere. You could even hang them from the ceiling or in a window to add some whimsical fun.

7. Use holiday ribbon to brighten up the place. Ribbon is another easy alternative for adding color and festive vibes in your home. It can be used to wrap around things (including the tree) or it can be used to add a little fun to already existing items by creating bows!

The biggest tip I can give when it comes to decorating on a dime is to keep it simple but fun. Look for deals every time you’re out and buy things here and there. Remember that your collection is ever growing and that sometimes it helps to think outside the box. Oh…and Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to decorating ideas!