The holidays means gifts. And gifts mean new things that need a location in the home. Why not be preemptive and clear out some space before the gifts show up? Then, you won’t be scrambling to find spots for things. That’s the purpose behind today’s task of Holiday Moments – getting rid of the old to make room for the new!
I’m going to share five questions with you that you can use when you’re sorting through things. I recommend asking these questions for every item that you’re uncertain about. You’re bound to have a few items that are easy to get rid of while others are more difficult to decide on. Ask yourself each of these questions to help you make a solid decision.
1. Have you used the item in the past six months? If you haven’t used the item lately, then maybe it should go. Definitely skip ahead to the next question is your answer is “no” to this question. If you still choose to hang onto the item, make it a goal to use it in the next six months!
2. Will you use the item in the next six months? Some items are seasonal and may not have been used in the past six months. Other items are just collecting dust and should go. Think hard about the item you’re looking at and figure out if it truly has a purpose in your life and home.
3. Do you have another item that serves the same purpose? If you have three items that can do the same thing, then maybe you should get rid of one or two – especially if they take up a lot of space! Do you really need multiple items that do the same task?
4. Does it have sentimental value? Is there another way to preserve that memory? Some items are hard to part with because they have sentimental value. These are the items you have to think about in a different way. With these items, it’s best to figure out what memory is connected to the item and see if you can preserve it in another way – a journal entry or photograph perhaps.
5. Would someone else benefit from this item more than you? This last question tugs on the heartstrings a bit. I find it easier to get rid of things when I think about who might use them next. For example, when we parted with our large collection of Barbies, I focused on the little girls that would be getting hours of enjoyment from the dolls after us.

How do you decide what to get rid of when decluttering? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!