Welcome to Day 1 of Holiday Moments! I’m very excited to share the first activity of this month long event with you! Today, we’re going to be making our own holiday countdowns. I’ve shared ideas in the daily newsletter and I’m sharing steps to creating your own calendar below to help make this task a stress free one!

Here are a few easy steps to make your holiday countdown calendar the best one ever!

Step 1 – Determine length of countdown.
Step 2 – Determine style of countdown. There are many different ways you could create a holiday countdown. Today’s email is full of different ways you could create your countdown! You could use any of the following items to create your countdown: books, gifts, notes, paper chain, ornaments, envelopes, photos, balloons, daily snacks, or popsicle sticks.
Step 3 – Create a list of things you could do daily to celebrate the season. Some of the countdowns (books or movies for example) include the activity but other countdowns (sticks or a chain) require activities to be written out. Create a list of activities to include in your countdown. (If you’re signed up for the daily newsletter, then you received a printable filled with ideas for your holiday calendar!)
Step 4 – Now it’s time to look at your December calendar and assign the activities to different days. It’s important to consider what else is going on in the month as you make your plan. (For example, a movie night might be better for a weekend.)
Step 5 – Create your countdown. Enlist the help of family as you do this. In fact, creating your holiday countdown can be the first item on your countdown. (Hint: You can use the Holiday Moments calendar for ideas as well!) Display your countdown in a prominent location.
Step 6 – Display the countdown in an important location. Enjoy the fun each and every day!