Winter and the holidays bring cold weather here in the United States. Sometimes that means outdoor activities aren’t idea. That’s why today’s activity in Holiday Moments is all about having holiday fun indoors. Whether you’re enjoying a day in by yourself or with friends and family, there’s plenty of things you can do to still have fun!
Stuck inside due to the cold? Then you’re going to love this list of indoor activities to do around the holidays!
1. Holiday Movie Night
I love holiday movies and there’s so many out there to choose from. Gather up your favorites or pull up Netflix and enjoy a night of watching movies. Make it extra special with comfy pajamas and a bowl of popcorn.
2. Game Night
When was the last time you played a board game? If you’re like us, you have quite a few board games stored away in the closet. If you’re also like us, then you haven’t played most of the games in a long time. Why not use the cold as an excuse to pull out the board games? Monopoly anyone?
3. Craft Night
Take a night to work on crafts that you’ve been planning to do. This is the perfect time to pull up your Pinterest boards, find something to make, and then craft away! You can even use it as an opportunity to make gifts for your friends and family.
4. Wrapping Gifts
I love to buy gifts, but I can do without the wrapping stage. It’s a necessity at the holidays though because half the fun is unwrapping the gifts (especially if you’re a cuddly furbaby!). Take a night and devote it to wrapping all of your gifts. Bonus points if you can get someone to help you!
5. Video Game Night
Not to be confused with “game night,” this one is all about video games! Maybe it’s the Wii or maybe it’s an xbox.  It doesn’t really matter which system you pick – video games are a fun activity to do on a cold night. Allow yourself to get wrapped up in your favorite video game!
6. Pillow Fight
I’m not entirely sure how this one made it on the list. It came to mind and it sounded like something to include. Grab someone else and challenge them to a pillow fight. If you use feather pillows, you can pretend like the escaping feathers are snow!
7. Spa Night
All at home by yourself? Indulge in an at home spa night. Put on relaxing music, don a face mask, grab your glass of wine, and soak away your troubles in a hot bath. Alternately, you could also invite a few friends over for do-it-yourself facials and pedicures.
8. Bake Cookies
It’s Christmas time! Pull out your old cookie cutters and bake up some cute cookies. When they’re finished cooling, pull out the icing and have some fun. (Make sure they cool or you end up with a nice little disaster – speaking from experience!)
9. Blogger PJ Party
If you’re a blogger, you don’t want to miss this one! We’re rounding out the year with a holiday social online. It’s all happening on Facebook on December 20th from 7p – 9p EST. I highly recommend grabbing your favorite snack and drink before joining in on the fun! Oh and your favorite pajamas – those are a must as well! Check out all of the details by clicking here.