It’s the tenth day of Holiday Moments and today’s task is to write a letter to Santa. I’m sure you’re thinking “but writing letters to Santa is for kids.”  Today, I’m going to explain how you could benefit from writing a letter to Santa. (And, of course, I recommend getting your kids involved in today’s task!)
For years, kids have been writing letters to Santa. They tell him about how good they’ve been and what they want for Christmas. They may also include how naughty they’ve been and why they’re sorry for their actions. It’s the perfect time to reflect and think about one’s actions.
Now, here’s the question that I have to ask – Why is letter writing restricted to kids in our society? Could we not benefit from reflection as well? Perhaps we could make improvements in our lives if we took time to reflect as kids do.
That’s why today’s task is to write a letter to Santa. I want you to pour your heart out and tell him about your year. Do you deserve the items on your list or would you be better not receiving anything? Take a moment to be honest and creative with yourself. After all, no one has to read this letter but you. (Of course, you could follow the British tradition and burn the letter in the fireplace so that it reaches the eyes of dear Saint Nick himself.)
Not feeling convinced to write a letter to Santa? Take a look at the cute stationary I created just for you. Take a moment to print it out and write your letter. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on your naughty and nice moments. (We all have both!) Reflecting now will make for better goals and resolutions on January 1st.
I’m curious – did you write a letter to Santa this year? Did your kids write a letter to Santa?