Today, I’m bringing you an extra special post from my blogging buddy Raewyn. She’s the blogger behind Be a Warrior Queen, which is a very empowering blog for women. She’s also the reason I came up with Holiday Moments. It was her e-course with journal prompts that originally led me to the idea for Holiday Moments. I hope you’ll leave her some love below after you read her post about self love!
At Be A Warrior Queen, self-love is our absolute favorite topic. We could talk all day about how important is is to live a life filled with self-love, how it enriches the life you live and opens your heart up for opportunities that will change your life.
Self-love is the love that is most often pushed aside in our pursuit of happiness. We try to replace it with romantic love and material love, which cannot fill the void we have. We need to love ourselves. We need to practice self-love.
The most effective way to continuously practice self-love is to set time aside for relfection. Those of us who journal often have more clarity because we take the time to sit quiet and reflect.
But what if you don’t know what to write down? How do you reflect in the most positive way, adding to your self-love?
I’m not the best at journaling. I don’t often prioritize journaling. When my journaling is on the backburner, so is my self-care routine and I find myself suffering emotionally.
While I was pregnant this past year, I began writing in my journal again. Post baby, I was feeling all sorts of out of whack. Aside from my hormones returning to normal, I was learning to define a new normal as a mother, with someone relying fully on me.  
I had similar adjustments when I moved away for college, got married and experienced other life-altering events. I realized that by making reflection and self-love a priority, I was better able to adjust.
Last month, I designed and wrote a free 5-day email course empowering my readers to embrace self-love. For each email, I created a journal prompt meant to guide you on your self-love journey. Even as a regular practicer of self-love, these prompts are helpful in finding balance and realigning your life.
Since the email course launched, I have watched many close friends and followers blossom into themselves. They have discovered more about themselves and are on the road to rocking self-love.
Five days isn’t enough, though. How could five days of journaling completely change your life? It takes at least 28 days to make a new habit. So then I got to work on creating a printable e-book full of self-love journal prompts.
But I couldn’t stop there. I needed to write more, create more, give more, especially to the women in my situation – new mamas learning to navigate motherhood while retaining some sense of self.
So I wrote a printable e-book of journal prompts for new moms. I’m still in the process of designing them. This design process has helped my heart blossom and I’ve found my true calling – teaching self-love.
It wouldn’t have been possible without reflection. Ignorance is not bliss. Knowing and accepting our good qualities as well as our flaws are what differentiate us from people who hate who they are. We stand out from the people who let doubt determine their actions. We see the greatness in life.
The e-books aren’t yet available, but you definitely want to get started with the free e-course!
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Raewyn is the founder of Be a Warrior Queen, a movement empowering women to embrace self-love. She’s also a new wife and mother to a baby girl, learning to navigate these new waters while maintaining her sense of self. The Warrior Queen Movement began in 2006 among Raewyn’s group of friends. Always having a passion for writing and feminism, Raewyn’s posts empower and inspire.