It’s been a while since I’ve had a guest blogger on the blog, so I thought I would revive an old series that I used to do – “Take a Moment.” I’m excited about today’s post from Hayli De Jong. It’s full of great tips and tasks that are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives as bloggers. If you enjoy the post, I hope that you’ll leave Hayli some love and that you’ll go visit her webpage as well!

You know when you only have a few minutes to do something, but you really feel like you need to be productive? Here is a compilation of blogging tasks that will only take you a couple of minutes. Whether you have 5, 10 or 15 minutes, there is a task that can be completed!

Tasks that you can do in 5 minutes:

1. Check social media. If you only have five minutes, this is a great time to check your notifications, respond to any comments and be done. This way rather than getting sucked into social media for an hour because you have the time- it has to be quick- perfect!

2. Respond to blog comments. usually, comments on my blog can take just a few minutes to respond to (if I don’t let them pile up that is). Even a quick thank you can go a long way.

3. Fill up your buffer (or hootsuite, or whatever app you use) feed. It takes just a few minutes to copy and paste links into buffer and write a quick comment. Just be sure to have it filled up to about 10 posts ahead so you are not constantly needing to refill.

4. Make a to-do list. This is pretty self explanatory, but writing the to-do list will help you to not forget things you SHOULD be doing when you have more time

Tasks that take 10 minutes:

1. Respond to an email from another blogger or a client. Emails take a bit more thought usually than a quick response on social media. Use ten minutes to think and respond.
2. Brainstorm a list of posts to write about. Take ten minutes to just THINK for a moment about topics you could write about and write them down.
3. Find a few new people to follow on twitter or pinterest.
4. Outline a blog post. Writing a post may take more time- but writing an outline for the idea shouldn’t take near as long.

Tasks that take 15 minutes:
1. Pitch a guest post. If you have talked on social media about guest posting for someone, drop by their website and come up with a few post ideas that would fit their topics. You can have a similar format for each guest post pitch and just change up the topics that you are considering writing about.
2. Create a graphic for a blog post or social media. If you’ve got a template set up for graphics this really should only take a few minutes- maybe less than 15!
3. Read a blog post. If there is someone’s blog post that caught your eye, read the post and give yourself a few minutes to read anything else on their blog that caught your eye.
4. Instead of doing a task…relax! Use these fifteen minutes to take a break and read a book or just sit and enjoy life!

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About the Author:
Hayli is the creator and writer at HayliDeJong.com She helps bloggers and creatives find their place in the sea of bloggers and create a unique voice while expanding an audience and learning how to make profit from their blog. You can catch more posts by her by following on twitter or instagram!