It’s Sunday! That means it’s time for my favorite link up of the week! Bloggy Brunch is here again and it’s the perfect place to share favorite posts and find new blogs to follow!
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading the posts that link up each week. Every Thursday or Friday, I sit down and go through all of the links on the link up. It’s a relaxing time where I read posts, comment on each one, and even schedule them to share via Twitter. By linking up, you’re guaranteeing some blog love for yourself! Last week was no exception. I enjoyed catching up on friends’ blogs and finding new ones along the way.
My first favorite goes to Our Unshakeable Faith. She shared a touching story of her daughter’s recent MRI trip. I enjoyed hearing about how good the hospital was with her daughter and what things were like from a mother’s point of view. Why don’t you click on the picture below and check it out for yourself?


The second post that I enjoyed was a link up that I actually found last week. I was excited to see that she had linked up to our link up! I recommend checking out 30 Days to a Healthier, Happier You from Color U Bold. It’s a great post for motivation and accountability! Check it out by clicking the picture below!
Color U Bold

And now for our link up!