January is almost over! As in, tomorrow is February! Can you believe it? Eeek..where does the time go? Guys, we are literally one twelfth done with 2016.
While I compose myself over this crazy realization, why don’t you take a moment to check out this week’s edition of Bloggy Brunch?
This week, I’m highlighting two blog posts that were fun and delightful to read. I highly recommend checking both of them out!
The first post is from Wonder Riot and features a list of ten reasons she would never leave Florida. As a military spouse who doesn’t get much say in where she calls home, this was a fun read. It made me start thinking about all of the states we could possibly live in and eventually settle down in!
The second one is a post that I actually fell in love with prior to Bloggy Brunch. Since Raewyn decided to link up the post from Be a Warrior Queen, I felt it was well worth a spotlight. Take a moment to see what a girl date with Raewyn would be like!
Now it’s time to move onto the link up! Don’t forget to spread the word to all your blogging friends. I really do go through and read each post (and often times tweet about each one), so it’s easy and free exposure for your posts!!