In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big believer of setting goals and making plans. I recently shared my blog goals for January, but I didn’t share any of my life goals. One of the big ones on my list is fitness goals. I feel that being healthy is a huge part of being happy and therefore I’m placing high importance on my fitness goals for 2016. It’s also a big part of why I run a free health accountability group on Facebook called Healthy Moments that you’re welcome to check out! We’re going to start small though and focus just on my goals for January at the moment since that’s the month where I’ll be making the biggest changes.
I’m going to be focusing on changing some bad habits and starting new ones in January. I’m going to list these goals below and hopefully this post will help hold me accountable for them!
1. Quit soda entirely. (I’ve cut way back but I want to entirely eliminate it from my life.)
2. Start a consistent workout routine. (I’ll be aiming for 5 active days, 1 stretch day, and 1 rest day.)
3. Start T25 today! (And start pole bootcamp on January 18.)
4. Create a weekly routine that includes a detox bath, meal prep, and nightly routines for better rest.
5. Organize the apartment. (Not fitness related but I do feel organization is a huge part of a healthy environment.)
I’m going to be focused on sticking to a plan. If I stick to my plan, then I’ll be successful with all of the goals I lived above. One of my favorite quotes is “Fail to plan and you plan to fail.” I think this is so true when it comes to life in general – planning is a huge part of things. Following through is the other major component. I’ve got my plan – now wish me luck in following through on it! (And return each week to see how I’m doing!)
(This image can be printed out and put in a 4 x 6 frame. If you need help printing it, simply ask!)
Every Monday, I’ll be including a fitness update of some sort. Today’s update is focused on planning for the future so that you are successful in meeting your goals. Along with these updates and posts, I’ll also be including a bit of motivation for you – including a printable motivational quote! Today’s quote can be found above and fits easily into a 4 x 6 frame.

If you’re looking for a little accountability, I highly recommend checking out this great link up from Burke Does!


I hope you’ll check back next week for the next quote and my next fitness post. If you’re aiming for fitness or health goals of your own this year, I highly encourage you to check out Healthy Moments after you share your goals in the comments!