It’s another Monday which means another fitness discussion! I’ll start with reasons you might want to make Monday your rest day and end with a check in for myself. Yep, I’m not a fan of the “Never miss a Monday” saying as you’re about to find out.
It seems like every Monday I see a graphic somewhere saying “never miss a Monday” in regards to working out. While I understand the point the saying is making (Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week), I also disagree with the sentiment and feel that Monday can make a good rest day depending on your lifestyle.
1. People are often more active on the weekends. If you have a sedentary job, then you’re likely to have more opportunities to move on the weekends. I know we like to take long walks and explore new places on the weekends – sometimes racking up 9 or 10 miles of walking in one day! Given this detail, your body might benefit from a Monday rest day.
2. Mondays are when you start back to your weekly routine. Depending on the week, this could be extra exhaustion or stress. Mondays also tend to be a very busy day as you get back in the groove of the week. Making Monday your rest day could save you time on an otherwise busy day.
3. Rest days give your body a chance to recover and prepare for future workouts. It’s recommended to schedule one into every week, so why not Monday?
4. Too much pressure on yourself can be counterproductive. If you’ve made a commitment to never miss a Monday, then you might give up when you do miss a Monday. Remember that Monday is just one day in the week – it doesn’t have to determine how you spend the rest of the week.
5. Everyone is different. That means everyone’s schedule is different. It’s best to look at your life and your needs before getting wrapped up in an arbitrary rule set by the fitness community. Missing a Monday doesn’t have to mean a bad week and maybe making Monday your rest day will gear you up to rock the rest of the week!
I promised a motivational quote to frame every week. This week’s quote is below and can easily be printed out and put in a 4 x 6 frame!
Personal check in:
How was my fitness week? I started the week off with a 9 mile walk on Sunday with the husband. I followed that up with a T25 workout on Monday. It took my body two days to recover from this combination. I would have been better off making Monday my rest day. (Hence my above advice!) I followed that up with two pole fitness classes on Thursday (I was SO sore!). I ended the week with lots of walking, especially since we’re in the midst of a trip to Seattle with no car!
How have your fitness goals been lately? Would you ever consider making Monday your rest day?