It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Plate for One post! Today’s post is perfect for breakfast or snacks. It also contains some helpful meal prep tips and a bit of news about the future of Plate for One!
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We’ll get started with the “recipe” of the week and I’ll save the announcement for the end. I put recipe in quotes because this one isn’t an exact recipe. I’ll give you a template and then you get to experiment with making it work best for your tastes!
Here’s what you’ll need:
– freezer Ziploc bags (quart size is best)
– permanent marker (optional)
– frozen or fresh fruit of choice
– frozen or fresh vegetables of choice
Start by gathering all of your ingredients to one central location. This will keep you from running around the kitchen multiple times. I used kale for my vegetable. For my fruits, I literally pulled all of our partial bags of frozen fruit out of the freezer. We had quite the variety – this was a good way to use some of them up!
Fill your bag about halfway with your vegetable of choice (I recommend spinach or kale). If you’re using a frozen version for vegetables, don’t fill the bag as full since the frozen variety is a bit more dense and won’t take up as much space.
Add fruit to the rest of the bag. For this particular bag, I added in strawberries and pineapple. Keep in mind that your fruits are going to help balance out the taste of your vegetables. I have found that pineapple is great at hiding the taste of kale, but I recommend experimenting with your own combinations! This is also a great time to label your bag – this will help if you are using vegetables and fruits that look alike. (For example, I was using strawberries, cherries, and cranberries. Labels will be very helpful later!) If you run out of veggies (like I did), you can always make a bag of just fruit as well.
The last step of preparing your smoothie bags is to find a spot for them in the freezer. I like to make things very organized so I put them all in a basket from the Dollar Tree. This will make them easier to find in our rather tiny freezer.
When it’s time to enjoy your smoothie, simply take a bag out of your basket and pour it into your blender or Nutribullet. Add a liquid of choice (I tend to prefer almond milk but you could also use water or juice). Since your fruits and vegetables are frozen, there is no need to add ice. You can add a little yogurt if you’d like an even thicker version.

Blend everything together and enjoy your new drink while you read the announcement below about Plate for One!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be expanding Plate for One into an even bigger project. I’m going to be working on an ebook to help you enjoy and make the most of living alone. More details will be coming but it will be full of recipes that you can enjoy by yourself (including some awesome smoothie recipes). I’ll continue to post recipes & tips to the blog while I work on the ebook, so keep checking back every Friday for a new Plate for One post! Keep in mind that these are great previews of the ebook that is soon to come!

Don’t forget to pin these tips to your favorite food or health board to find later!