It’s a new year, which means lots of people are setting goals and resolutions. I’ve done my fair share of setting goals for the month, but I haven’t really set any goals or resolutions for the year. Instead, I thought I’d do a “things to try” list instead. This worked really well for me a few years ago and I thought it could work again!
Most of these focus on trying new things. Some focus on trying to implement new habits or routines. All of these focus on making positive changes in the new year! You may notice that there a no blogging related tasks on this list. I’m setting goals by the month for my blogging tasks and you can check those out in my Monthly Intention series. (You can also link up your own goals each month for accountability!)
1. Try 2 new recipes a month. (24 total for the year)
2. Try a new workout program. (Already have this one scheduled!)
3. Create a personal cookbook for future meal planning.
4. Hike a new trail each month. (12 total for the year)
5. See what things are like from the substitute teaching side. Not only will this bring in a little extra spending money, it will also give me more insight as a teacher.
6. Move and explore a new location. (Location TBD)
7. Break the soda habit for good. (Start with small goals and move towards larger ones.)
8. See five new places.
9. Complete a craft project each month. (12 total for the year)
10. Complete a no spend month.
11. Attempt the Whole 30 meal plan.
12. Create a quality wardrobe.
13. Establish a morning and evening routine.
14. Create a weekly cleaning schedule.
15. Finish getting everything massively organized for future moves.
16. Create a home binder and printables to go with it. (Any tips on favorite printables?)
What new things do you want to try out in 2016?