It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for an update on how I’m doing with 21 Day Fix. I’m being as transparent as possible with this round. In today’s post, you’ll find everything I ate last week along with the workouts I chose to do. As you’ll recall from last week, I’m using the program for my food but following different workouts each day.

I didn’t do quite as well with Week 1 as I had planned to, but I also didn’t do terrible. So, I’m going to count the first week as a win (especially since I lost two pounds in the first week). I’m hoping to do better this week, but you’ll have to check back in next Wednesday to see how that goes.

Without further ado, here are my meals, thoughts, and workouts from the week!

Day 1

I did pretty well with the first day – I just forgot a few of the containers because I was so wrapped up in prepping food for the week. I did well with the water intake and took the day as a rest day. (I had an incredibly active weekend which caused my legs to need a break.)

Day 2

I didn’t end up eating the muffins that are pictures. They were part of my prep and I had hoped to eat them but the smell first thing in the morning was too much for me. I did my bootcamp workout at the pole studio. Dinner was tacos because I needed something quick I could pick up in the middle of a busy day.

Day 3

Day 3 went really well. I was a little under on my water intake but otherwise it was pretty good. I followed the containers and managed to get all of my food in. My workout was a dance workout at the pole studio.

Day 4

Day 4 was another great day. The peanut butter crackers and blueberries showed up again because I enjoyed them so much from the first day. I also started back in with shakeology on day 4. My workout was bootcamp at the pole studio and practice for the beginners routine.

Day 5

Friday turned out to be my hardest day to stay on track. I was doing good during the day and then I went out to run errands. Before I knew it, I was making less than perfect choices including pizza. Afterwards, I decided to forgive myself and keep moving forward. Luckily, the 21 day fix does allow for a few mess ups here and there. I also did a 40 minute Cize dance workout for the day.

Day 6

Saturday was a super busy day and I prepared for the first part of it well. A lot of my commitments for the day kept me away from home so I packed a salad for lunch along with yogurt and blueberries for snack. These kept me on track during the day. Things didn’t go as planned in the evening though and I ended up grabbing a sandwich between all of my commitments. My workouts were bootcamp and the beginner routine performance at the pole studio’s grand opening. Another win for the day was avoiding sweets and treats at the grand opening party.

Day 7

Sunday went okay – I didn’t get in as many veggies as I should have because I ran out (I’ll be planning better for this week). Dinner was a great one and you can find the recipe for the tortilla chips on the blog. They are a much healthier alternative to the store bought kind. Sunday was a rest day (which was my original plan for Sundays).

Overall, the week went okay. I need to work on getting more veggies in during the day. I also want to work on eating more small meals throughout the day. I’m excited that I lost two pounds in the first week and I’m looking forward to rocking the rest of the time!

What are you working on this week?