It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another health and fitness update! Last week was the 3rd (and final) week of my round of 21 Day Fix. I’m happy to say that I have officially survived an entire round! Today, I’m going to share how the third week went and my overall thoughts about everything. Next week, I’ll be back with some additional thoughts and tips for the program. Don’t forget to check out my update from Week 1 and Week 2 as well!

I’m going to start with how last week went and end with a few brief thoughts about the program over all. I’ll be back next week with even more thoughts – I don’t want this post to get too long! I value your time after all!

Day 15

You’ll notice a little bit of leftover pizza in this picture – the plan does allow for pizza and tells you how to account for it. I worked out at home (one of the 21 Day Fix videos – I love that they are only 30 minutes) and at the pole studio last Monday.

Day 16

Tuesday, I spent in a first grade classroom as a sub. It was also grocery day last week so I was running low on good choices for lunch. I took two classes at the pole studio – including hula hoop! I love trying out new fitness things so I really enjoyed that class.

Day 17

Wednesday morning, I woke up not feeling the best but knew that I had to survive a day of subbing in kindergarten. I threw a breakfast bar into my bag in case my appetite picked up and ate it during the morning snack time. I want to attempt making some of my own for future situations like this. My workout for the day was Power Yoga at my local studio.

Day 18

Thursday was a bit weird because I had a spouses meeting right at dinner time. The meeting was held at a bar and grill. I was a good girl and checked the menu before I went. This resulted in me discovering that there was nothing healthy on the menu that I would eat. So, I decided to have a little fun in the kitchen with heart shaped pizza bites instead. It made for an early dinner but it helped me avoid some bad choices at the meeting. I planned for the wine that I had during the meeting (the plan allows you to enjoy wine occasionally as well!). I took this day as my rest day since my schedule was odd and my body needed a break.

Day 19

This was another day in the classroom. I actually find that the days I sub are the easiest days to follow the plan. I think it’s because I have to pack my lunch in advance and think through my choices. My workout for Friday was a class at the pole studio that involved climbing all the way to the top of the pole!

Day 20

I don’t have pictures of my food from Saturday for two reasons – I ate out and I forgot to take pictures. I was a little off from the plan, but not too terribly off. I did enjoy the scenery (pictured above) from my Saturday morning bootcamp session though.

Day 21

Sunday was another day that I forgot to take a picture of my food! I stayed mostly within the plan and even enjoyed a fix-approved meal with a friend for dinner. She was excited about how yummy it was. We had the mini heart pizzas that I shared last week. My workout for the day as the two mile hike that I talked about in Monday’s post. I’m still in love with how beautiful the scenery was!


At the beginning of this journey, I shared with you that I was using the meal plan portion of the 21 Day Fix with my own workouts. For me, the food is the difficult part – not the exercise. I was looking to change my overall eating habits and I feel like I definitely succeeded with that. I made some bad choices along the way that weren’t fix-approved but overall, I found that making healthy choices was beginning to become the new normal for me. I’m looking forward to continuing with this in the future.

I did not take any measurements for this round of the 21 Day Fix other than my weight. (It kind of slipped my mind.) I am happy to say that the scale shows a loss of 6 pounds total over the three weeks. My pants are fitting better and I’ve even gotten compliments from people that don’t see me daily about how good I’m looking.

What are my next plans?

I’ll be sharing a lot more about my future plans on the blog next week but I do plan to loosely continue with the 21 Day Fix plan. I want to follow it closely during the week and allow for a little bit more flexibility on the weekends. I’ll go into more details about this next week in addition to some other health and fitness goals and plans I have for the next month or two.

P.S. I’ll be sharing my before and after pictures in my free health and motivation group next week. Feel free to join the group if you want to see the pictures! You’ll also get free motivation, accountability, and friends simply by joining!