I love to decorate for the holidays and I’m not just talking about the winter holidays. Halloween, Valentine’s Day – you name a holiday and it’s fair game for decorating around here. I started decorating for holidays after I moved out on my own and it’s one of the things that keeps me happy since it makes a room feel new even when you can’t rearrange the furniture or décor. Every few months, the apartment gets a fresh face and things feel special again.
I also like saving money though. This can conflict with my love of decorating but I’ve found an easy solution for decorating on a budget. I’m going to share some of my tips today and I’d love to hear any that you have to add!
I’m going to keep these tips super simple so that you can replicate them and make them unique to you and your home. (Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for inside peeks at my apartment!)
1. Use neutral colors in your everyday decorating.
Your everyday decorating will be your base for your holiday decorating. I recommend blacks, browns, beiges, and whites as a starting place. If you have other colors, that’s okay, but it may take away from your holiday décor. I like to change my “colors” with each holiday so a neutral base is essential.
2. Select a color theme for the holiday.
Decide what colors you want to use for the upcoming holiday. I’m going to use Valentine’s Day as my example since it’s coming up. I chose red, pink, and white as my color scheme. When I’m looking for décor pieces, I keep this scheme in mind so that everything coordinates.
3. Decide on your budget.
How much are you willing to spend? Nothing? $10? $20? Your budget will guide you when selecting pieces. Remember to stick to your budget as you plan your décor.
4. Search Pinterest for ideas.
I always like to get ideas before I go out shopping. Pinterest is also a great place to get ideas for DIY décor. You might discover that you can create something unique without spending much money. Use this as your excuse to go pin-happy.
Note: Steps 5-7 are interchangeable and not in any specific order.
5. Go shopping!
Now that your mind is full of ideas, it’s time to go shopping! I always start with the dollar store and Target’s dollar section. (In fact, I add to my collection each year because their selection is different from year to year.) The next stops on my list include Wal-Mart, Ross, Marshall’s, and Big Lots. As you can see, I stick to places that are known for their budget friendly prices.
6. Get creative!
Remember all of those cool Pinterest crafts you pinned? Now would be a great time to pick a few and get crafty. I’ve found that people enjoy seeing homemade décor when they come to visit. It adds that last personal touch that you need.
7. Repurpose items around the house.
Tie cute ribbon around a mason jar and use it in your décor. Fill a vase with faux flowers to match your new color scheme. Use beads or gems in your color scheme to fill up a jar. Think about the items you already have out – how can you update them with ribbon or other small items to make them match?
I could probably keep going with tips and tricks since I’ve been decorating for the holidays for over four years now, but I promised I’d keep this simple for you!
Do you decorate for the holidays? On a budget? Have any great decorating tips you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear them!