Since February is the month of love and I’m living alone, I decided to put some focus on self-love this month. I’ve shared a few of these adventures with you including how I spent Valentine’s Day and my list of self care dates. Today, I’m bringing a handy self-love kit that you can make at home without spending a dime!

I love treating myself to a weekly self-care routine on Sundays. I hate looking for all of the items I want to use though so I decided to combine them all in one spot. I’m going to share the steps I took for creating my self-care kit.

1. Find an empty basket, tub, or tote that’s not being used. (If you can’t find one, Dollar Tree carries plenty of options.)

2. Gather items that you would use to show yourself some love. (I’ve included a list of ideas at the end of the post.)

3. Add the items to your basket.

4. You’ll all set for a planned night or a spontaneous night of self-care.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of the items at the same time. Maybe you find that you have fifteen minutes of free time to dedicate to yourself. Pull out your kit and show yourself a little love with a manicure or face mask session. Self-love doesn’t have to be long or planned in advance. This kit will help you incorporate it into your life a little more!

Possible items to include:
– bubble bath
– Epsom salts
– face mask
– foot scrub
– body scrub
– body lotion
– candle
– nail polish
– make-up
– hair ties
– brush
– bath poof
– essential oils
– chocolate
– mini bottle of wine
– magazine
– mixed CD
– workout videos

What you choose to include in your self-love kit will really depend on your preferences. If you were to make a kit of your own, what would you choose to include in the kit?

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