February can be a hard month for some, so I thought I’d do a series of self care posts to help out. Remember, it’s important to love yourself in addition to loving those around you. There is nothing wrong with taking a little bit of time for yourself.

I make time for self care every week and actually have a weekly routine that I love and follow every Sunday. I’m lucky to have a dedicated time every week but I also know that not everyone is that lucky. So, I’m going to talk today about why you should make a self care date with yourself.

First let’s start with five reasons why you should practice self care.
1. Taking care of yourself is important.
2. Self care can help relieve stress and improve happiness.
3. Stressed individuals have a harder time taking care of others.
4. If you don’t show yourself love, then why should others?
5. You deserve it.

Whether you believe in the importance of self care or not, I’m challenging you to set a date with yourself to try it out once. You never know – you might love it!

So how do you go about setting up a self care date?

Start with getting out your planner and marking it down on the calendar.

Next, decide what you’re going to do.

Then, follow through and actually do what you said you’re going to do on the scheduled date. It’s important that you don’t cancel on yourself! After all, you never cancel on important people!

Need an idea for your self care date? Check out the list below!

1. Get a pedicure.
2. Go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy some alone time.
3. Curl up with your favorite book.
4. Enjoy your favorite movie.
5. Take a relaxing bath.
6. Try something new.
7. Revisit a hobby that has fallen to the side.
8. Explore somewhere new.
9. Take a walk.
10. Go shopping for something other than necessities.

These, of course, are just a few ideas. There’s a lot of different ideas floating around the internet – a simple search will bring them up.

What self care date are you going to schedule with yourself?