You may have noticed that it’s been crickets around the blog this week. I thought about apologizing for this and then I realized that I shouldn’t need to – I needed a mental break and I took it. End of story. I did some thinking and reflected on where things are headed in my life. After a week away, I’m ready to get back in and tackle some of my goals. Bloggy Brunch seems like the perfect kick off to just that!

This week, I picked two different posts to make up for not picking one last week.

So, here’s the post I picked from Bloggy Brunch #10:

In this post, Emilie of Burke Does talks about being an adult and how it shifts your perspective on setting goals. She also talks about military life and how it can affect your goals, which I can relate to a lot. I highly recommend checking out the post – I think you’ll relate with at least part of it.

And here’s the post I selected from Bloggy Brunch #11:

The quote in the graphic sums up this post from Brittany at Tiny Forest Blog. She talks about goals and why it’s important to have a plan with them. I seriously want to print out this quote and post it somewhere as a daily reminder!

And now…it’s time to link up again! Don’t forget that I love spreading love to your blogs. Don’t forget to spread the love in return by sharing the link up with all of your bloggy friends!