It’s the first of the month which means it’s time to reflect on last month and set new goals for this month. I know I could really use a refreshed focus after the month I had in March. It was full of huge unexpected curve balls and obstacles that threw me off my path. I’m ready to refocus and charge ahead. Obstacles, you’re not going to win on this one!

Let’s check out my goals from last month. (As mentioned above, I got majorly derailed.)

March Intention:
Define It:
1. Create a plan at the start of every week. Write it down in my planner. Started this one but did not get a chance to implement it.
2. Solid business plan for both blogs. Timeline of where they are going. Nope. 🙁
3. Organize the computer (tags, pictures, email). Started this one.
4. Create a blog binder for tracking things. Nope.
1. Finish lining up guest bloggers for The Coastie Couple’s Virtual Tour of America. Partially completed.
2. Finish & update the blog pages. No where close.
There’s nothing I can do about March, but I can look ahead to April and set new goals to help me move forward. I’m using the Monthly Intention format again. Make sure you’re subscribed to Blog Intentions to get the free printable each month!
April Intention:
Define It:
1. Redesign Hodge Podge Moments to meet with new focus.
2. Create a plan for each week to help keep up with and get ahead on each blog.
3. Create a business plan and determine the future of the blogs.
4. Create a blog binder to organize the blogs before we move.
1. Focus on growth for social media – Facebook & Instagram specifically.
2. Finish and update blog pages.
3. Redesign logos.
You’ll notice that I repeated some of my March goals for April. These are things I’m really wanting to accomplish so I felt that they were important enough to be included again. Like I mentioned above, I’m determined to overcome the obstacles that were thrown my way in March!
What’s on your goal list for April? I’d love to see it linked up below so that I can check it out!