It’s another new month which means it’s time to update those editorial calendars. You may be facing a bit of writer’s block and that’s where my blog post series comes in! Each month I offer up a few ideas to help you out. Let’s see what May has in store for us.

May is a great time to celebrate spring and to do a little bit of spring cleaning. Organization and household tips are great topics for this month. Exercise and healthy eating also tend to be popular in May as everyone is getting ready for the beach and pool. Summer is a little over a month away after all!

Some major holidays to remember in May:

May 1 – May Day

May Day is a springtime festival celebrated in many places. Think flowers, pastels, and festival food for your blog. It’s the perfect time to celebrate new life!

First Full Week of May

Teacher Appreciation week typically falls in May. It’s most often the first full week of May. You can celebrate on your blog with a letter to your favorite teacher, a craft idea, or a gift idea list for teachers.

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo

Tacos, margaritas, bright colors…Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to throw a fiesta. Share your party tips or recipes on the blog to keep the fun going.

Second Sunday in May – Mother’s Day

The possibilities are endless for this holiday when it comes to blog posts. You could write a letter to your mom, talk about your own experiences as a mom, or even share a recipe that was passed down to you. Think of your mom and go from there!

May 12 – International Nurses Day

Nurses play a large role in keeping us healthy and happy. Use this day to thank a nurse you know or to share your own health tips with your readers. How has a nurse helped you over the years?

May 13 – Friday the 13th

The only Friday the 13th for 2016 happens to be in May. This is a great opportunity to talk about superstitions and where you stand with them. Are you a strong believer or are they just fun and games?

May 21 – Armed Forces Day

Almost everyone seems to know at least one person in the military. This is the perfect day to show thanks on your blog or social media. A simple thanks is really all it takes sometimes.

Last Monday in May – Memorial Day

Picnics, cookouts, and family are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of Memorial Day. You can share family stories, recipes, or even celebration tips on your blog.

These are just a few of the holidays in May. There are always many more smaller holidays that you could draw upon to fill up your editorial calendar. I highly recommend starting with the holidays and then move onto seasons and other events to get ideas for that calendar!

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