Happy Sunday! Welcome to another edition of Bloggy Brunch.  I do apologize for it going up late this week – that was not the plan.

This week has not gone according to plan – not at all. Originally, I was supposed to spend Thursday getting ahead on things, including Bloggy Brunch, because I knew I had a busy weekend ahead of me. Then, my phone died – completely died. It wouldn’t turn on or charge or anything. I spent the majority of Thursday trying to get it fixed. Luckily, I was able to get a replacement for free due to the help of a nice technician at AT&T.

Due to this unforeseen craziness, I haven’t had time to read all of the posts from last week so there won’t be a spotlight today. I was going to send you to Be a Warrior Queen and The Petite Mrs for their spotlights but it looks like life has gotten in the way for all of us this week. Did anyone else notice the full moon? Do you believe in the theory that the changes of the moon affect our lives?

Since I don’t have a direct spotlight for you this week, I’m going to leave you the link to my newsletter sign up. The newsletter goes out on Mondays and often includes features as well. I’m also going to leave you the link for the Blogger PJ Party, which is happening tomorrow night! Wow – May is moving so fast! Where has the month gone?

After you check out those links, please add one of your favorite posts to the link up below!