It’s the beginning of a new month and that means it’s time to set new goals! I’m feeling very scattered right now so I’m hoping new goals will help me establish my focus. I hope you take a look at mine and then link up your own monthly goals at the end! Remember, you can use whatever format you’d like for your posts!

Let’s take a look at last month’s goals before I share my new ones with you. Fair warning – April was a very rocky month for me when it comes to blogging and life.

April Intention:
Define It:
1. Redesign Hodge Podge Moments to meet with new focus. (still working on this but progress has been made!)
2. Create a plan for each week to help keep up with and get ahead on each blog. (sort of?)
3. Create a business plan and determine the future of the blogs. (Not yet.)
4. Create a blog binder to organize the blogs before we move. (Have any recommendations on resources for me?)
1. Focus on growth for social media – Facebook & Instagram specifically. (Both have grown so we’ll call that a win!)
2. Finish and update blog pages. (Nope.)
3. Redesign logos. (Working on these but they aren’t quite where I want them yet. The vision in my head isn’t translating well right now.)
I’ve been working on a lot of major things lately including narrowing my focus. I want to continue that into May but I’m picking a different word. I’m really excited about some of the changes I’m working on!
May Intention:
Define It:
1. Clear categories and purpose for each blog.
2. Establish how Healthy Moments fits in with the blog.
3. Finish the design (pages, logo, focus, etc) for Hodge Podge Moments.
4. Set up the Virtual Tour on The Coastie Couple.  (There’s still time to get involved – I extended the deadline to mid-May!)
1. Work on organizing life for a future move. (Lockbox, important papers, blog binder, etc)
2. Clean up social media accounts.
3. Create summer plan.
I think I’m going to print these out and keep them close at all times this month. Maybe that will help me stay more focused on the task at hand!
Well, that’s what is on my goal list for May! What’s on yours?
Also…anyone interested in being a guest co-host in the future?
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