It’s a new month which means it’s time to link up our goals once again! I’m not even sure what goals to set for this uncertain month, but I’m going to try to set a few anyways! Wednesdays in June will be dedicated to my fitness progress. Today I’ll be focusing on goals since it’s the first of the month (which is when my monthly intention link up goes up) and goals are an important part of being successful with anything, including health and fitness.

Before I list my goals for this month, let’s take a look at last month and how I did.

May Intention:
Define It:
1. Clear categories and purpose for each blog. (Getting there!)
2. Establish how Healthy Moments fits in with the blog. (Still figuring this one out.)
3. Finish the design (pages, logo, focus, etc) for Hodge Podge Moments. (In progress.)
4. Set up the Virtual Tour on The Coastie Couple(I have over 50 bloggers involved and I’ve been working hard on this one. There’s still time to get involved for most states!)
1. Work on organizing life for a future move. (This will be done this week.)
2. Clean up social media accounts. (Currently reorganizing Pinterest.)
3. Create summer plan. (Still waiting on some dates for this one.)
I was productive in May, but not necessarily on my goals for the month. I worked on setting everything up for the Blogiversary (check out the online party today!) I also worked hard on the Virtual Tour Across America which kicks off later today! I have almost all of the fifty states covered and I think that’s a big win by itself. (P.S. If you want to write about your state, email me at to get added to the list! This is a huge collaboration among bloggers!) I also enjoyed a lot of time with my husband who returned from a rocky deployment at the end of April. Overall, I would say May was mostly a success. How as your May?
Now onto my goals for June. Since June is going to be a bit different, I’m categorizing my goals instead of doing an intention. I still love the intention format. June calls for a different format though because we should be moving across the country soon (still waiting on a few pertinent details from the military).
June Goals
Life Goals:
1. Organize important papers for the move.
2. Create new long term goals.
3. Gather birthdays for my calendar. (I want to start sending out cards the old fashioned way.)
Fitness Goals:
1. Exercise 5 times a week.
2. Eat healthy 80/20 (even while moving).
3. Create Summer Strong challenge for Healthy Moments.
Hodge Podge Moments Goals:
1. Work on super secret project set up.
2. Host a successful Blogiversary.
3. Update the design and layout of the blog.
The Coastie Couple Goals:
1. Continue to schedule and promote the Virtual Tour.
2. Establish goals for after the tour.
What are your goals for June? I’d love to read them – make sure you link up below!
Also…if you’d like to cohost the link up next month, please let me know! I’d love to add a guest cohost for this link up each month. 🙂