It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another giveaway and blogiversary post! This week, I’m sharing my top ten posts from the past year!

I have to say that it’s fun to look through the archives and remember some of the posts I enjoyed writing. It’s even more fun to share them with you…right after this announcement!

Marie Kristen won the Starbucks card giveaway from last week! I’ll be getting in touch on how to claim your prize!

This week’s giveaway will be hosted on Instagram starting this weekend. I encourage you to stop by and enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

While you’re waiting to win that gift card to purchase new things to read, you can enjoy one of these posts below:

The Importance of Digital Friends (June 2015)

Finding Your Purpose (July 2015)

The Five Minute Rule (August 2015)

Dear Blogger: It’s Okay to Step Away (January 2016)

Redefine Your Identity (February 2016)

Why You Need a Blogging Tribe (March 2016)

Fortitude: How You Can be Strong in Your Weakest Moments (March 2016)

You Do You: Things we can Learn from Children (March 2016)

What You Should Write About on Your Blog (April 2016)

Simple Phrases that can Make a Difference (April 2016)

Don’t forget that you can browse the archives at any time! You can also find many of my old posts on this Pinterest board.

Oh and don’t forget to visit Instagram this weekend for the Amazon gift card giveaway!!