I have recently implemented a “learning hour” into my daily routine. This is a time block set aside for purely learning more about blogging, business building, and other related topics. It’s not always an hour – sometimes it’s less (or even more) depending on the amount of time I have for the day. I realized that I was pinning all sorts of great resources but never reading them. This week, you’re benefitting from my learning hour because I’m bringing you some of my favorite posts on how to grow your blog through social media (which was my focus for the week).


I spent a lot of time this week reading about my favorite social media platforms. I’ve shared some of my favorite resources below and even grouped them by social media type just for you!

Simple Tips for Grwoing Your Instagram Following
Hashtags That Will Up Your Instagram Game
Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Instagram Game

How to Increase Your Following on Twitter
7 Unique Ideas for How You Use Twitter
5 Helpful Tools for Twitter

Organize Your Pins Alphabetically
Using Pinterest & Stumbleupon Together to Increase Pageviews
The Bloggers Ultimate Guide to Pinterest

30 Post Ideas for Your Facebook Page
6 Types of Posts that will Increase Engagement
10 Tips for a Killler Facebook Page

General Tips
Getting Started with Social Media
How to Be a Social Media Boss
30 Ways to Grow Your Blog

Do you have a favorite resource for growing social media? Do you have a Pinterest board filled with posts you want to read? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Oh and since we’re talking about Pinterest, you might want to pin this post to come back to later if you’re short on time! (Just remember to come back to it!)