It’s August 1 and I’m super excited about that! August is going to be bringing some changes to the blog (including no more Monthly Intentions link up). The changes will be gradual and take place over time between August & September. We’re finishing up our move to Michigan and it seems like the perfect time to make some changes in various aspects of my life (including the blogs!).

August also seems like the perfect month to get refocused on some health goals. Have you let yours slip with all of the fun that comes with summertime? I know mine have been very off with all of the travelling and family visiting that we’ve done over the course of July. Of course, Healthy Moments has a new challenge that will help you meet your goals!

If you’re not familiar with Healthy Moments, it’s a free health and motivation group that I run on Facebook. It’s completely free to join and the only rule is that you respect the other members of the group. After all, everyone is at a different spot in their journey. We host a new challenge each month as well as provide support to each other as needed. It’s always optional to participate but it’s a great place to find extra motivation, support, and even a new friend or two.

This month, we’re hosting the Walk Your Way to Healthy challenge. It’s a very simple challenge with the following flexible guidelines:

1. Commit to walking as much as possible in August.
2. Select a miles goal for the month:
      – 25 miles (less than a mile a day)
      – 50 miles (1-2 miles a day)
      – 75 miles (3 miles a day)
      – 100+ miles (4 miles a day)
      – Custom goal (set your own!)

3. Make sure your have your walking tracker ready. (There are plenty of free apps if you don’t have another type of tracker!)
4. Get ready to have some fun!!

If this sounds like a challenge you’d like to participate in, we’d love to have you!  All you have to do is request to join here. It’s free, so you really have nothing to lose!