September is quickly coming to an end which means it’s time for another post filled with inspiration for the month ahead. We’ve got three more months before I can close this series out and link you to all the wonderful ideas that I’ve shared over the course of the year!

October is a fun month for blog post because there’s so many topics you can cover. It also marks the start of what I like to call the “holiday season” (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s). I’ve compiled some of my favorite topics and ideas in hopes that they will inspire your October blog posts!


Autumn technically starts in September but the true weather change doesn’t tend to come until October for a lot of areas. (Even later than that for some!) Therefore, autumn and all of the topics surrounding it are fair game in October! This includes recipes, decorating, fashion, outdoor activities, and so much more. If it has anything to do with the changing of seasons or new colors for the leaves, then it’s probably going to be a hit this month!


Along with Autumn is the topic of harvest. With the arrival of fall, many different crops are ready to be harvested and stored until next year. This includes pumpkins (you knew they’d be in there somewhere!), apples, corn, and all of the other items you might find in a cornucopia. Use these to inspire your posts, decorating, and recipes in the month of October.


I love festivals. They’re the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and have a little fun. October often brings lots of fall festival opportunities. This can inspire a post in so many ways. You could write about some of the local festivals you’ve enjoyed, what to wear to the festival, or easy do-it-yourself games and crafts for small festivals. Your imagination really could run wild with the topic of fall festivals!

Columbus Day

I’m not going to give you a history lesson but I am going to say that we still celebrate Columbus Day despite many of the old stories being a little off. That being said, you can use this day as inspiration for October. Why not take a trip back in time on your blog or talk about what you would pack for a day out to sea? Perhaps there’s a craft or recipe that would fit perfectly with this day. It’s definitely a day worth mentioning since it’s still celebrated by many, especially kids. Just make sure you get your facts straight before you go posting any history lessons!


A post about October wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Halloween. It’s definitely the biggest thing associated with the month. Just like with any holiday, you can talk about decorations, food, parties, crafts, and so much more when it comes to the topic of this holiday. You also have the added bonus of talking about costumes!

TV Shows

Many TV shows returned at the end of September. That makes October the perfect time to share a review or list of your favorites. We’re not big TV watchers in our household but I still enjoy reading opinions from others about new shows that have come out. Just be careful to warn before sharing any spoilers or you might end up with some upset readers!


I bet you’re wondering how books made the list for October. Books are definitely a topic that can be discussed during any month but I think they fit well into October because of the changing temperatures. One of my favorite things to do when the weather cools off is enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a book in my hand. Why not share what you’ve been reading (and enjoying) recently with your followers?


Remember that discussion of changing leaves? The fall season is the perfect time to talk about change and to even make some changes in your life. One of the weeks in October is known as Organization Week. (You can find out which one here. That site is also helpful for getting more post ideas!) Why not share with your readers the areas where you’re making improvements? The end of the year is also approaching so it’s a great time to evaluate and set new goals!


I know – this one can apply to every month! I had to bring it up here though because October is birthday month in our household. The husband’s birthday is the third, while mine is the twenty-fourth. So, I’m dubbing October to be Birthday Month in terms of blog posts!

Remember, your blog posts should always reflect who you are! Have fun with them and your readers will enjoy them too. Do you have any topics you would add to this list? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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