Happy Sunday everyone! It’s time for another round of Bloggy Brunch and I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be sharing a few special blogging tips each week at the beginning of these posts. After all, Bloggy Brunch is all about sharing knowledge and socializing. So, check out four reasons you should be commenting on other blogs and the featured posts before linking up for the week! Have a topic you’d like to see in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blog posts is a huge part of blogging. After all, community and networking is a huge part of blogging. If you’re not making time to comment on other blogs, you really should. Below you’ll find four simple reasons to comment!

1. Get inspiration for your own blog:
Commenting on other blogs is a great way to see what’s working for others. I have gotten a lot of layout and design inspiration by visiting other blogs.

2. See what others are posting:
Knowing what else is out there in the blogosphere is important. It keeps you from repeating posts that are already out there. It also allows you to see where there’s a lack of posts. Pay attention to what others are saying in the comments. Reading blogs and comments is a great way to get inspiration for your own blog posts.

3. Make connections:
Remember when I said blogging was all about connecting and networking? Commenting is a great way to do both – especially if you make return visits to your favorite blogs. I always notice when someone is commenting on more than one of my posts. This puts them on my radar and you can bet that if they reached out to me about sharing one of their projects or posts, I’d probably help them out!

4. Find new material to share:
Social media and sharing content is another huge part of blogging. I’m not going to go into why it’s a big part but I am going to mention that reading and commenting on other blogs is the perfect way to fill up your social media queues. For example, I keep Hootsuite open on my screen almost all of the time. When I come across a post I love, I schedule it to share on Twitter. This allows me to keep my Twitter feed filled at all times. (P.S. Did you know that I schedule a tweet for every post that links up to Bloggy Brunch?)

What are your favorite blogs to visit? Is there a topic you’d like to see covered in a future week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

This Week’s Featured Posts

Each week, I feature one post from the week before. Then, at the end of the month, I feature several of my favorites from the whole month. So, there’s plenty of opportunities to get your post in the spotlight! This week I’m featuring posts from the past two weeks because I didn’t get a chance to feature a post last week. I hope you enjoy these two posts as much as I did! Stop by and give both of these ladies a lot of love!

I don’t normally fall in love with fashion oriented posts but I’m in love with these rainy day fashion tips from Audrey at Five Foot Nothing Shopping. In honor of her trip to Seattle (awesome place!), she shared six of her favorite tips for rainy weather. Even if you’re not a fashion fanatic, you should check this post out!


I have been following Emilie’s financial updates over at Burke Does for quite some time now. My favorite post of hers was when she mentioned she’d be doing a spending ban for quarter 3 (July-September). I followed along on Instagram and was able to see that she really followed through on this commitment. This past week, she linked up her quarter 3 update and I’m excited to feature it this week! She’s been quite and inspiration and I’m considering a spending ban of my own for quarter 1 of 2017.


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Quick Reminders

I have a couple of quick reminders before you link up for the week:

Tomorrow (October 24) is my birthday and it’s also the October Blogger PJ Party! I’m super excited about celebrating my birthday with you and I’m hoping you’ll join us at 7pm EST in the Blog Connected group for some discussion and socialization!

I recently announced all of the details for #thisflawedmoment, which is an Instagram challenge taking place from November 1-3. If you didn’t catch the announcement, I recommend hopping over to this post after you link up below!

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