Technical difficulties – that’s what has caused Bloggy Brunch to be late today. It has been a week of technical (and life) difficulties. We have satellite internet since there are no lines ran out to where our house is located (country living problems I suppose). Wind, rain, data limits, and who knows what else have all led to our technical difficulties this week. I have persisted through though (persistence is so important in life) and I’m still bringing you Bloggy Brunch! Just a tad bit later than normal.

P.S. If you’re here for the bump update, it’s at the end of this post! It’s late due to technical difficulties as well!

Since there’s no predicting how long my internet will cooperate, I’m going to skip right ahead to the spotlights for the week and then give you the chance to link up for next week! In November, I’m going to be discussing which three graphics I recommend making for every blog post at one of our Bloggy Brunch link ups. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a Canva tutorial with that post!
This week’s spotlight is a bit surprising. This week, I’m highlighting a beauty post, which isn’t normal at all. I’m the no make up, comfort over style sort of girl. (Really – I posted a picture of me standing in the yard in my pajamas yesterday on Instagram if you need photo evidence.) This week though it was a beauty post that made me smile. I’m highlighting Trendy & Tidy this week for her awesome make up organization system. Not only is the system gorgeous as you’ll see below, she also walks you through how she put it together! You should definitely go check out her post for organizing inspiration!
Now, it’s time for the link up! After the link up, check out my 24 week bump update below and then return next week for our October spotlights!

Bump Update

Week? 24 weeks

Gender? boy

Size? One of my favorite apps gives me the size in various terms. This week I had a hard time picking which one was cuter – puffin, eggplant, or GI Joe! Which one would you pick?

Movement? All the time!

Bump? Yes and the growing pains are no fun.

Maternity Clothes? Bottoms are all maternity. I can still wear some of my normal tops.

Stretch Marks? None so far!

Belly button in or out? Still in – hoping it stays that way!

Cravings? Sweets – that wives’ tale was so off for me!

Symptoms? Growing pains galore; also some hormonal imbalances this week.

Mood? Up and down all week. There’s been a lot of mood swings brought on by various stresses.

What are you missing? I miss my squishy middle. The firmness of my bump is really odd feeling to me. I think I understand why pregnant women rub their bellies so much…

Highlight of the week? I’d love to say my birthday but that was a bit of a mini disaster in itself. Can I get back to you on this one?

Looking forward to? Getting the last few rooms painted in the house so that we can have carpet installed. Then, I can finally get to work on making this place presentable and organized. 🙂