I’m a strong believer that you need to set goals in order to have something to work towards. I’m also a strong believer that you’ll get nowhere fast without a good plan. This is why I choose to set monthly intentions rather than goals. Intentions involve something to aim for and a plan of how to get there. Last month, I didn’t do so well with the plan portion, but this month I plan to change that.

Before I set new intentions, I always review the ones from the previous month. When I went to take a look at my September Intentions, I realized that I set some lofty goals without a solid plan of how to achieve them. Due to this, I’m going to limit myself to five goals with clear steps for each goal. Before we get into my goals for October, I’m going to share the goals that I did accomplish last month. If you’d like to seem the entire list, you can always click over to this post.

In the spirit of positivity, let’s look at what I did actually complete last month:

September Blogging Goals
– Establish a work schedule for myself (mostly – almost complete with this one!)
– Work on getting ahead on posts
– Set up The Blogger Connection & return to monthly Blogger PJ Parties
– Fill in editorial calendars for October (I keep changing topics but that’s the beauty of an editorial calendar – they’re flexible!)

September Social Media Goals
– Increase all platforms (T, P, I, F) by 50 followers
– Set up a social media plan (Created a plan – now to see how easy it is to implement!)

September Life Goals
– Finish deep clean of the house
– Train Mr. Gibbs (He’s come a long way. We’re still working on a few things…)
– Set up office space (Temporarily until we paint the room.)
– Plan my parents visit
– Decide on wall colors (Some of the rooms – still a few more to pick.)
– Start planning the nursery (Outdoor adventure theme planning underway)
– Start working on new budget September

Self Care Goals
– Evaluate commitments

October Goals

Goal #1: Stick to my blog schedule.
– Schedule time to batch post.
– Schedule social media using CoSchedule & Hootsuite.
– Utilize power hour.

Goal #2: Create a daily routine.
– Create & follow morning routine.
– Create & follow evening routine.

Goal #3: Create a business plan with short term and long term goals.
– Use learning hour during week 1 & 2 to research and learn about the process.
– Use learning hour during week 3 & 4 to establish a plan.

Goal #4: Update the blog layout.
Create graphics using the selected color palette.
– Create media kit.
– Order business cards.
– Update pages and tags.

Goal #5: Start organizing the house.
– Organize DVDs & CDs.
– Finish organizing craft supplies.
– Establish order in the kitchen cabinets.

What are your intentions for October? I’d love to hear about all of your blog, business, and life goals for the next month in the comments below! Have a post of your own? Link up at the bottom of this post and I’ll check it out!


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