Anyone else feel like we blinked and the holidays showed up? Christmas is barely a month away and yet there’s still so much left to do. How are we supposed to get it all done before then? Well, that’s where my holiday prep event is going to help you!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – I hope you have already prepped your mind and kitchen for that holiday! I’m a firm believer in getting through one holiday before focusing on another one. (That’s right – no Christmas decorations around here yet!) As a result, I’m starting this particular event on Monday, November 28th. That gives us all time to recuperate over the weekend before focusing on the next holiday.

I bet you’re wondering what this event is all about and how it can help you out. Don’t worry – I’ve included all of the details below just for you!

What is the 12 Days of Holiday Prep?

This an event designed to help people conquer their holiday stress by preparing for the holidays. Each day, a new topic will be discussed and tips will be given surrounding that topic. There will also be discussion threads for each topic where participants can share their own tips and tricks as well.

What topics will be covered by the event?

The event will cover a variety of topics. I’ve included a list so that you can get the full feel of what will be offered during the event.

  1. Writing your wishlist
  2. Helping others during the holidays
  3. Taking care of yourself during the holidays
  4. Time management and scheduling your time
  5. Holiday traditions you should consider
  6. Time to catch up!
  7. Tips for decorating
  8. Sticking to your budget
  9. Ideas for entertaining guests
  10. Holiday outfit ideas you’ll enjoy
  11. Tips for organizing during and after the holidays
  12. One final day for catching up!

What will I get out of the event?

You’ll get so much out of this event that I can’t even list all of the goodies. First off, you’ll get new tips and discussion opportunities each and every day. In addition to this, I’ll also be sharing resources and printables that will help make your holidays just a little bit smoother.

How can I join the event?

Joining is super simple! In fact, you may already have access to the event. All you have to do is hop on over to Facebook and join the online community for Hodge Podge Moments. All of the tips, discussion threads, and goodies will be posted in the group from November 28 to December 9.

Will you be joining me in the online community as we get ready for the holidays?