It’s November which means some people have already started making their Christmas lists and planning out their gifts. I thought it’d be fun to create a series of gift guides to help others out as they plan for the upcoming holiday season. Check back every Friday for a new one! We’re kicking off the lists with items you can get a mom-to-be in your life.

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Do you have a mom-to-be to buy for this year? Are you wondering what you should get her? Well, I’ll give you one hint – not baby stuff. She’ll be getting plenty of that at her baby shower. Instead, opt for a gift that will give her the chance to practice a little self care before and after the baby is born. I’ve listed a few items that you could buy for her, but I don’t personally know the momma to be that you’re buying for – don’t forget to take her personality and style into account when you’re picking out a gift! A personal gift is always better than a generic one.

Sleep Mask
Chances are the momma to be has been having a little trouble sleeping. Get her something small that will help her sleep better at all times of the day.

After the baby is born, it could be a while before the momma has time to enjoy a book. Buy her one now for a little self care before the baby is born.
Coffee is about to become her best friend. Why not give her a new mug to help lift her sleepy spirits in the future?

Blanket Scarf
She can use this scarf now and then transition it over when the baby is born. This scarf can definitely keep her warm now and in the future!
Picture Frame
Moms love showing off their little ones. Why not help her prepare by getting her a special frame she can use after the baby is born?
Lots is going on in her life – why not give her somewhere to document it?
Life’s about to get stressful and the mom to be is soon to be having trouble sleeping for a different reason. Why not get her a lavender scented candle to help ease some of that stress?
Spa Set
Get her some lotion and bath products that she can use to treat herself to an at home spa night. I’ve shared a lavender scent below but you could also find one in her favorite scent! 

Gift Card
If all else fails, you can always get her a gift card. Try to aim for one from her favorite store so that she’s sure to spend it on herself instead of the other important people in her life!
What gifts would you get for a mom to be in your life? Did you get any favorite gifts when you were a mom-to-be?

Bump Update

Week? 25 weeks

Gender? boy

Size? Prairie dog

Movement? All the time – especially when I lay down

Bump? Yep – it seems to be getting noticeably bigger daily.

Maternity Clothes? All the time!

Stretch Marks? None so far!

Belly button in or out? It’s staying in so far.

Cravings? Still sweets… 

Symptoms? Lots of growing pains and hormonal moodswings.

Mood? Slightly stressed but mostly okay. 

What are you missing? I miss being able to move normally. If I move in the wrong direction the slightest bit, there can be pain to follow.

Highlight of the week? Spending time with my family.

Looking forward to? My best friend from California is flying out to visit for a week. The house is a mess but I’m excited to see her and catch up some!