Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Intentions & Monthly Goal Link Up

Setting goals and intentions is one thing that constantly keeps me moving forward. I prefer to set intentions rather than goals. To me, intentions are things that I plan to do whereas goals are things that I am working towards. Plans and actions seem more attainable. I'm sharing my intentions for November below and then I encourage you to share any post you might have related to planning and striving for new achievements in November!

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Before we jump into my intentions for November, let's take a look at how I did on my October ones.

October Goals

Goal #1: Stick to my blog schedule.
- Schedule time to batch post.
- Schedule social media using CoSchedule & Hootsuite.
 - Utilize power hour.
Unfortunately, I didn't set quantities for these goals so I have no way to truly "check them off." I did batch post twice during the month and scheduled most of my social media with CoSchedule & Hootsuite. There are still improvements I'd like to make in those areas.

Goal #2: Create a daily routine.
 - Create & follow morning routine.
 - Create & follow evening routine.
I'm starting to think I'm not a "routine" person. I've started establishing little routines for myself but there's still a lot of chaos surrounding me and throwing me off.

Goal #3: Create a business plan with short term and long term goals.
- Use learning hour during week 1 & 2 to research and learn about the process.
- Use learning hour during week 3 & 4 to establish a plan.
I didn't necessarily get it written down in an organized fashion, but I have a timeline and a "plan" of sorts so I'm going to consider this one successful for now and revise it for this month.

Goal #4: Update the blog layout.
- Create graphics using the selected color palette.
 - Create media kit.
 - Order business cards.
 - Update pages and tags.
I worked on this some but not to the point that I feel comfortable crossing items off the list. (Other than the media kit which is complete!)

Goal #5: Start organizing the house.
 - Organize DVDs & CDs.
 - Finish organizing craft supplies.
 - Establish order in the kitchen cabinets.

I have to say that I really liked the way I organized my intentions for last month. I intend to do the same this month, but make them a bit more specific.

November Intentions

One: Write a book.
- Week 1 - Create a chapter outline and organization system for the book.
- Week 2 - Jot down ideas for each chapter. (Friend in town this week.)
- Week 3-5 - Write the book.

Two: Update the layout of Hodge Podge Moments.
- Week 1 - Establish pages.
- Week 2 - Break for friend visit.
- Week 3 - Create graphics & update layout.
- Week 4-5 - Work on organizing posts via tags.

Three: Business Plan
- Week 1 - Order The Conquer Kit & jot down ideas.
- Week 2 - Continue brainstorm and establish timeline for completely The Conquer Kit.
- Week 3-5 - Work on the plan.

Four: Continue organizing the house.
- Establish office overflow in basement.
- Finish painting entertainment center.
- Paint baby's dresser.
- Fingers crossed for new carpet by the end of the month!

Five: Establish a bi-weekly plan for blogging and life.
- Create a system that works with my husband's work schedule. More details coming (along with a printable in The Happy Files) as I work on this one.

What about you? What's on your list of things to accomplish in November? Link up your related post below or share in the comments!

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